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Re: April Infomagic LDR & Debian

>>>>> "Edward" == Edward McKnight <emk@kindra-78.Eng.Sun.COM> writes:

    Edward> So they didn't test it. I don't suppose a CD publisher who
    Edward> is distributing other folks' stuff would ever be able
    Edward> to--especially in the absence of a test suite. Their test
    Edward> should be to deliver a pre-press CD to Debian for
    Edward> confirmation.

    Edward> Don't change vendors, change procedures. If InfoMagic
    Edward> can't play by an "allow-verification-of-master" procedure
    Edward> with the agreement that they won't publish it if not
    Edward> approved (in a timely manner) by Debian...  *then* change
    Edward> vendors.

I'm not saying they should have or even could have ran each
distribution through a test suite (even if they existed), nor am I
saying they should have ran a test suite through all the packages
contained in each distribution, which would be way too costly and time

What I am saying however is that pressing disks without even seeing if
an operating system is installable or not is poor quality
control. Period. That would be like a programmer sending out a tarball
without un-taring, configuring and compiling the actual files that are
going to be sent out rather than making the assumption "It builds from
my source tree so it will build from the files I'm sending out."

How long would it have taken an experienced Linux user to do a quick
install of three different distributions just to make sure something
major wasn't missing? Maybe a day at most?

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