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Re: DDD problems

On Jun 2, Matthew Tebbens wrote
> Maybe someone can help me with a few problems I'm having with DDD.

> At certian times (or mouse clicks) in the program, I get the following:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Error: PANIC: no geometry_manager procedure specified for this widget

DDD is built with Lesstif, an LGPL-ed implementation of OSF/Motif, which is
not really mature yet. Last week, the DDD maintainers announced a patch to
work around problems with Lesstif. This patch has gone into 2.1-3 and newer.

Please upgrade to 2.1-3 (currently in frozen) or newer (2.1.1 is being

I have been given access to a machine with Motif; there will very likely be
ddd-smotif and ddd-dmotif packages in hamm/contrib soon, if ddd_2.1-3 and
newer still have Lesstif-related problems.

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