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Re: Books on Debian

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, H.C.Lai wrote:

> I know some people would say one doesn't need a book cause there
> are all those guides that come with the distribution. But for people
> who are new to Linux or who are reponsible for setting up and
> maintaining a network of Linux boxes, a complete reference book is
> a very attractive thing to have.

Two problem(s) with a book: (a) you're really only buying a few pages of
Debian-specific stuff which (b) is almost out-of-date before it's
published. I'd far rather have just a good annotated bibliography of all
the Debianised documentation. As I think I've said before, one really
needs to be able to track down and consult documentation in the order


> I am about to install Linux on a Pentimum II box with 512MB of
> memory for some people. One of the thing they demand is the supply
> of a few reference books on the Linux distribution that I have
> installed so that they can learn to use and run the system themselves.

If you want a /few/ books, you're going to have to widen your selection to
Linux (generic) and probably even to Unix. Mind you, you could do this all
from one publisher's list - O'Reilly (www.ora.com).
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