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Re: DAT vs. Travan

> Subject: Dat vs. Travan
> We're just looking at buying some tape backup drives for our servers.
> I've used DAT's before, but now there's Travan too.
> Can anyone explain the pros and cons of DAT versus Travan tape drives?
Personally, I think it's more a matter of budget and capacity.
I've worked with DAT, 8mm, QIC-3080 and QIC-3095/TR-4 - I liked them all.
The 3080 was on an EIDE interface which is more than likely a mistake.
The others were on a variety of systems - all SCSI.

I choose the lowest cost solution that will allow for a full-system backup
on one tape cartridge, w/o compression.  If you know that you're going to be
adding more storage in the near future - then account for it.  Otherwise,
I wouldn't buy much more capacity than is needed today - prices are too
volatile.  If  you need more capacity later, you can always turn on
compression - it'll cost you in performance, but that usually isn't a
big issue - though it it may cause your tape to not be able to stream,
which does add some wear and tear on the hardware.

Seatage/Conner makes nice drives - I've got a TapeStor 8000 that is pretty
slick.  It works with both the 3080 and 3095 media.

> Thanks,
> Behan


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