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Re: Are spammers subscibing to the lists?

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Sudhakar Chandrasekharan wrote:

> Talking of spam - Have you folks ever wondered how they never want to
> sell anything that is worth buying?  All the spam that I have got seem
> to belong to one of the following categories -
> * Make money fast (rehash of the old pyramid scheme)
> * Advertise your site in a gazillion search engine for pennies
> * Scantily clad persons are waiting for me to visit their pages.
> * 10,000 "fresh" email addresses are available for 19.95 (this should be
> the spam equivalent of recursion ;-)

Dear debian users,
	I am looking for a way to make money fast while advertising my
website in all the search engines. Hopefully, scantily clad persons are
waiting to sell me thousands of email addresses.

Serious replies only. Please, no spam.

Seriously, I think they are fishing in the wrong place for idiots.

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