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Re: Are spammers subscibing to the lists?

Paul Wade wrote:
> Seems like the incoming spam has picked up, although I haven't been on
> usenet for weeks. Makes me wonder if we have a spammer subscribed to the
> lists just to collect email addresses. Anybody else with the same problem?

Talking of spam - Have you folks ever wondered how they never want to
sell anything that is worth buying?  All the spam that I have got seem
to belong to one of the following categories -

* Make money fast (rehash of the old pyramid scheme)
* Advertise your site in a gazillion search engine for pennies
* Scantily clad persons are waiting for me to visit their pages.
* 10,000 "fresh" email addresses are available for 19.95 (this should be
the spam equivalent of recursion ;-)

If people are going to spam me, why don't they ever sell books, s/w, h/w
for cheap?

Sudhakar Chandrasekharan                            (415) 937-2354 (O)
International Web Engineer Type of Guy              (415) 940-1896 (H)

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