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Re: 2 ethernet cards and loadlin

On 03 Jun 97 16:40:49 -0500 , Chris Brown wrote:
>      I am trying to get my machine to use 2 3c509 ethernet cards 
> booting from loadlin.  Looking at the loadlin docs I think the 
> command line should be:
> "loadlin vmlinuz root=/dev/hda1 ether=10,300,eth0 ether=11,310,eth1 ro"
> eth0 is fine but I don't get eth1 at all.  There isn't even a reference to it 
> in /var/log/messages.  Where did I go wrong?

Are you sure that the driver is compiled into the kernel? If you are
loading the driver as a module, you'll have to take another approach. Edit
/etc/conf.modules and see if these three lines are there:
alias eth0 3c509
alias eth1 3c509
options 3c509 io=300,310

I am not sure this is entirely correct since I am using two different
network cards, but this is definately the way to do it if the driver is a
module and not a compiled-in driver. If you use kerneld to autoload the
modules that are needed, you might need to assign an IP number to the card
using ifconfig to get the module to be loaded. You can edit
/etc/init.d/network so that it configures the IP numbers etc. for both

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