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Re: BIG NetScape Bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (fwd)

George Bonser wrote:
> > And once Communicator for Linux is officially released, we won't have
> > to worry about it any more.
> And exactly how is the release of Communitcator going to fix the systems
> running 3.01?

<Getting out of Netscape Employee Suite>
>From what I understand of this bug, it is not as trivial to exploit this
as the mags (and the Security Update in the Netscape homepage) have made
it out to be.  I not trying to say that the bug itself is trivial. 
Neither am I saying that people should start moving up to communicator. 
I am just saying that one should always keep one's (form and cookie)
alerts on.  By doing this the risks are, IMHO, far lesser.

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