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Re: [Q] update-menus broken in 1.3?

Sudhakar Chandrasekharan:
> I have spent the last couple of hours trying to customize my fvwm2
> setup.  I basically want to add stuff to the default menus that comes
> with Debian.  I tried the following -
> * Moved /usr/lib/menu/default/vim to /etc/menu/vim and ran
> update-menus.  Then quit X and restarted it.  Don't find vim under
> /Apps/Editors (which is where it is supposed to put in).

Do you have the vim package installed? I doubt it. If you look at
/etc/menu/vim, it probably starts with "?package(vim):" which means that
unless package vim is installed, this menu entry will be ignored.

To add local stuff, try using "?package(menu):" at the front of the line in
themenu file. Since the menu package is of course installed, the menu item
will show up. (There are probably better ways to do this..)

see shy jo

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