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Re: [Q] update-menus broken in 1.3?

Joey Hess wrote:
> Sudhakar Chandrasekharan:
> > I have spent the last couple of hours trying to customize my fvwm2
> > setup.  I basically want to add stuff to the default menus that comes
> > with Debian.  I tried the following -
> >
> > * Moved /usr/lib/menu/default/vim to /etc/menu/vim and ran
> > update-menus.  Then quit X and restarted it.  Don't find vim under
> > /Apps/Editors (which is where it is supposed to put in).
> Do you have the vim package installed? I doubt it. If you look at
> /etc/menu/vim, it probably starts with "?package(vim):" which means that
> unless package vim is installed, this menu entry will be ignored.

Oops!  Forgot to mention that.  I have installed the latest beta version
of vim under /usr/local/bin.

> To add local stuff, try using "?package(menu):" at the front of the line in
> themenu file. Since the menu package is of course installed, the menu item
> will show up. (There are probably better ways to do this..)

That worked.  As you said, there *should* be another way to specify
local packages.  Though I can understand why update-menus does not add
an item if the package is not installed.

Another question.  I know this might be a FAQ.

If I want to install a package that is not part of the Debian
distribution, how do I go about it?  I think there are two scenarios
here -

* foo.tar.gz contains the binaries, libs etc.
* foo.tar.gz contains the source.  Ie. I have to compile the program
before I install it.

I have currently been bypassing the dpkg mechanism and installing these
packages under /usr/local tree.

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