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Re: /etc/resolv.conf has wrong permissions

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, George Bonser wrote:

> > However, /etc/resolv.conf is installed with or modified to root/root -rw------- permissions.  This
> > sounds logical until a normal user tries to dial out.  It was weird, my normal account would dial and 
> > login ok, but all of the net calls would show a "Host name lookup failure".  I could even su to root
> > and things would work fine.
> Interesting.  On my 1.1 upgraded to 1.2 and then to 1.3 system the file is
> -rw-r--r--	and owned by root.root

Mine (installed 1.3) also has these permissions and ownership.  Strangely,
`dpkg -S /etc/resolv.conf` shows no owning package.


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