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Debian 1.3 Release FAQ - Preliminary

I've just volunteered to write a FAQ that will be specific to the Debian 1.3
release.  Sue Campbell will put it on the website once I've written

I'm looking for ideas on topics.

How's this:

1. Overview
    1.1 What new features are there in Debian 1.3?
    1.2 What is rex/bo/hamm? unstable/stable?
2. Installation and Upgrading
    2.1 Installing from Scratch
	2.1.1 - Where do I start?
    2.2 Upgrading from a Previous Release
	2.2.1 - What do I have to do?
    2.3 Networking
    2.4 X Windows - Which packages do I need to select 
                  to install X? - Why can't I log in with xdm? - What about the libXt security hole? 
3. Tips

Please send me ideas, or even better, fully written sections.


 - Jim

BTW, the lists seem slower than usual today.

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