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Re: Books on Debian

Almost sorta supprised that noone has mentioned the DBP (Debian Book
Project) that I had started a few months back.  URL is in sig.  

Mainly I started it for 2 main reasons, which are:

1) Publicity - I have seen about 12 books on linux (have 4 of them) they
cover SlackWare and RedHat, well the new "Unleashing Linux" has a small
section on Caldera's OpenLinux Lite.  But for the most part it is only
about those two.  I found Debian myself by accident, otherwise I would be
running RedHAd since that was the only dist. I had .. other than Slack
which I had used before and disliked.

It is known that Debian is mainly popular by word of mouth advertising.
Most the people that do a first time instalation will go and buy a book on
it, they have two choices; Slackware or RedHat .. I want to give them a
third choice on the shelf: Debian

2) Documentation - I am one of them that "Old fashioned peopele" I liike
to read printed materal rather than on a computer screen ... don't want to
get any more blind ;)

Personally, I would like to have everything I need printed together is an
ordered, human readable format (Some of the howto's and man pages take 10
to 15 readings just to know what on earth they are doing).  

Mainly a book would be geared to the first time / begining debian user.
People just feel more comfortable having a refernce book they can always
refer back to.  There are quite a few debian centered changes to this
version of Linux; the main one being the install. 6 disks vs 30 or so ...

Well, this is all from this jabber mouth .. I have webmaster type job
thing to get back to now.


P.S. I am on IRC is anyone wants to talk to me .. either on an undernet
server or the linpeople.org server in the channel #Debian  .. I go by
WildOne- there.

Chad D. Zimmerman				    chad@dabcc-www.nmsu.edu
Southwest Technology Development Institute
New Mexico State University
HP: http://dabcc-www.nmsu.edu/~chad/
DBP: http://dabcc-www.nmsu.edu/~chad/Debian/

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