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Re: ddts: notification about pt_BR-translation of the hello-debhelper description debconf in a chroot debconf-gnome and locales Debian Linux for Siemens RM400 debian more international Debian testing - uninstallable packages debian-announce milestone: 20K! Deblint: a debian mirror checker Debugging help for dhelp needed default font resolution in X Windows Disappearing task-* packages! discrepancy in ISO 3166-1 country codes dispersive translation via DDTS dns takeover with dhcp-dns doc-html-w3 dpkg and /etc directories Re: dpkg logging dpkg-source messages e2fsprogs as an essential package ECN: Why just on/off? can one mangle that per iptables? Error Re: Error upgrading to woody: mv: cannot create file `/etc/exim/exim.conf' Error upgrading to woody: mv: cannot create file `/etc/exim/exim.conf' Excluding a binary package from Debian archives EXT2 compression extra feature for debchange feedback on jablicator: package choice sharing tool FIXED: screwed up fonts after latest dist-upgrade Re: Fonts working "out of the box" Format: field in .dsc files franc,ais locale (was Re: A language by any other name) mirror Re: funny idle time from time Future of maxima Generating pool-based package.gz files Re: gettext override disparity gpg and trustdb very slow GPG still slow (was Re: gpg and trustdb very slow) Re: Graphing Debian Lists Gtranscript et. al. [Was: searching for Michel Onstein] handling password expiration in display managers Hello How kernel sources are packaged?? (that's not a complain.. just to understand) How many people need locales? how to get full package url from apt-cache? how to install from local mirror? how to install KDE or Gnome on Sid How to make your custom debian packages apt-gettable now available HW Probe HylaFAX directory structure IA64 buildd status ? ideas about how to package something ifupdown needs help? Info on activity Intent for NMU of python-2.1 packages Interbase status (ITP #83098) is dhelp completely broken isdnutils getting into testing is a problem... iso 8859-6 fonts Issue with Bug#112121: procmail-lib: Recipes belong in /usr/share, not /usr/lib isync vs mailsync ITP (stolen): compilercache -- persistent caching for gcc/g++ ITP boust ITP survex ITP: freenet6 -- Client to configure an IPv6 tunnel to freenet6 ITP: kernel-patch-lsm ITP: kernel-patch-selinux ITP: matrem -- An experiment in Artificial life ITP: webreport Re: jabber.deb keysigning request (south germany) kswapd eating CPU power ... any ideas why? Kudos for A language by any other name The last update was on 07:05 GMT Sun Sep 17. There are 1978 messages. Page 2 of 4.

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