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Re: franc,ais locale (was Re: A language by any other name)

Le ven, sep 14, 2001, à 04:13:31 +0900, Junichi Uekawa a écrit:

> On a very different topic, I cannot even type in 
> franc,ais in my system, and it seems to be a character not available
> in the default locale which is C.

C does not specify a charset outside ASCII, does it ? On my system, with
LC_ALL=C, I surely can type and display whatever glyph is in 8859-1. What
does your system, with LC_ALL=C, do with characters above 127 ? (and how
does it display characters under 128 ? <sigh>Romaji</sigh> ?)

> How are people meant to handle this?

Drop outdated, region-specific encodings and switch all to a united one. 

In gdm's case, the specific problem of displaying "français" on an Asian box 
(or, for what it's worth, displaying the word "Nihongo" in one of its original
scripts on an European box) has a solution not very far ahead.

(by the way, does the line mutt added at the very beginning of this post
display completely on your screen ?)

	-- Cyrille


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