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A language by any other name


 some days ago I submitted a bug (111465) against the "locales" package
 asking for the inclusion of the alias "english" for the locale
 "en_US.ISO-8851-1".  Ben Collins, the maintainer of "locales", swiftly
 closed it with this message:

    Find a consensus on whether english should be en_US or en_UK and
    I'll do it. As I fail to think you will find this consensus, I'm
    closing this bug.

 My bug was triggered by the fact that gdm offers a long selection of
 languages, among them English (without bells and whistles, just plain
 old "English") and in case you select that, it sets the environment
 variable LANG to that, "english".  Since that locale doesn't exist, and
 there isn't an alias for that, this causes some programs to emit
 spurious warnings about undefined/invalid locales.  I don't care.  For
 me the solution is to set LANG in my .bashrc (or unset it, which is
 what I actually do -- I noticed the bug because this was a new
 installation where my standard environment wasn't available yet).
 Since other users are likely to hit this, too, I submitted at bug.  At
 first I was going to submit it against gdm, for setting LANG to a "bad"
 value, but then I noticed /etc/locale.alias contains things like:

    deutsch         de_DE.ISO-8859-1
    français        fr_FR.ISO-8859-1
    french          fr_FR.ISO-8859-1
    german          de_DE.ISO-8859-1
    portuguese      pt_PT.ISO-8859-1
    spanish         es_ES.ISO-8859-1

 What's the problem?  German is spoken outside Germany.  That what's
 spoken outside Germany is not the same as that what's spoken inside
 Germany, but that what's spoken outside is still called German
 (officially), as far as I know.  That is to say, de_AT.ISO-8859-1 is as
 "german" as de_DE.ISO-8859-1.  The same goes for French, Portuguese and
 Spanish, this being the extreme case since it's spoken in 20+ countries
 outside Spain but it's still called "Spanish" in all of them (ignore
 "Castellano", please).  What makes English different?  In fact, after
 thinking about this, and given what's stored in that file, I'd change
 my bug to "please alias english to en_UK.ISO-8859-1" (or more
 appropiately en_UK.ISO-8859-15)

 But Ben wants a consensus, so I'm asking here.

 FWIW, that file *is* shipped with locales as /etc/locale.alias, even if
 there's no sensible default for some entries there, as I have shown


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