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Re: A language by any other name

As a practical standpoint, the localization choices for English go
well beyond spelling... each English variant by definition
incorporates local variations in date format, currencies, etc.  (Even
en_IE and en_GB aren't the same any more, due to the Euro.)

Seems to me that "American English", "Australian English", "British
English", "Singaporese(?) English", "Hong Kong English", "Canadian
English", etc. are most appropriate; there is no reason for one
particular variant to be called "English."  And English of one form or
another is used in many other countries as well without historical
ties to Britain; en_PH springs to mind.  (Indeed, arguably American
English is closer to indigenous British usage in the 17th century than
current British English, as the francophile spelling fad was very much
an 18th century thing.  Read Shakespeare, he used all sorts of

Now as for the behavior of the C locale where it's not defined by the
standards... well, leave me out of that flamefest :-)

Just my 2/100 Euro.  (What are fractional Euros called in English
anyway?  Cents?)

Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> - http://www.lordsutch.com/chris/

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