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Re: doc-html-w3

On Sat, Sep 22, 2001 at 10:49:35PM -0500, Joseph Schlecht said:
> I would like to change doc-html-w3's name to one that is more descriptive of 
> its current and potential contents. I think that the name of this package is 
> currently too narrow; besides HTML, indicated by the name, it also contains 
> CSS2, SMIL, XPATH and many other recommendations. What do you think?

As a normal user, when I see doc-html-w3, I think of html-formatted 
documents about Emacs' w3 web browser.  I think a name change would be
appropriate, IMHO.
> Here are a couple of the names I've been kicking around:
>    a) doc-w3 (most general, my favorite; perhaps even doc-w3c)
>    b) doc-markup-w3 (but this name excludes style: CSS2, XSLT, etc)
>    c) doc-w3c-recommend
>    d) [your suggestion here]

doc-w3c looks best to me, but any would work as long as it is -w3c 
instead of -w3.

Kevin Kreamer
FsckIt on openprojects.net

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