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Deblint: a debian mirror checker

Hi all,

Deblint is a collection of python code to 
check Debian mirrors for problems, such as 
broken dependencies and missing files.

I started this project after becoming frustrated 
at Debian archives with missing files; I've expanded 
it to a full check of an 'Archive' such as Potato for 
all sorts of problems.

It finds a few problems with Debian as it stands 
that seem to make sense to me - if you're interested 
please have a look at http://projects.azale.net/deblint/

The code is all under the GPL, feel free to send 
me comments, suggestions, patches, etc :-) It hasn't 
been seem by anyone except Avril or myself yet, so there 
will almost certainly be bugs.

Have fun,

Grahame Bowland <grahame@azale.net>

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