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Re: ITP: kernel-patch-selinux

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001 00:12, John Galt wrote:
> First of all, I doubt that you're going to have too much trouble getting a
> response from SElinux.  They've been pretty good on responding to their
> mailinglist: which, I might add, I see more than one Debian Developer has
> contributed to, yet you have not.  It would behoove you to actually look
> as if you really cared before ITPing.

I've read some of the archives, although they are incomplete and poorly 

Did you have a point with this or do you just want to write more flames and 
waste everyone's time as usual?

> Secondly, since Debian's warranty is "no warranty", I fail to see how the
> expression of that in a license makes it non-free.

They ask that people agree to conditions before download.  We have no 
facilities for showing the conditions before downloading, they could 
potentially disagree with this.

> Thirdly, isn't this a question for -legal?

I think this is now being handled adequately in private mail.  A developer 
who has had prior contact with the NSA people is now dealing with the matter.

> On Sat, 22 Sep 2001, Russell Coker wrote:
> >I intend to package the kernel patch for NSA Security Enhanced Linux.
> >
> >Below is all the details on licenses.  My interpretation of the below
> > license details (copied from the web site) is that the kernel patch is
> > under the GPL and everything is fine.
> >
> >However is the issue about "warranty exclusion" etc which requires
> > "agreement before download" going to force me to use non-free for my
> > package?
> >
> >I know I could ask upstream for clarification of this issue, however the
> > NSA takes a long time to prepare public statements, and I imagine that
> > things will take longer now than they would have a few weeks ago...
> >
> >
> >
> >License statement from http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/license.html :
> >
> >All source code found on this site is released under the same terms and
> >conditions as the original sources. For example, the patches to the Linux
> >kernel, patches to many existing utilities, and new programs and libraries
> >available here are released under the terms and conditions of the GNU
> > General Public License (GPL). The patches to some existing utilities and
> > libraries available here are released under the terms and conditions of
> > the BSD license.
> >
> >I downloaded the patch from http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/src-disclaim.html
> >which has the following disclaimer:
> >
> >Before downloading this software, you must accept the warranty exclusion
> > and limitation of liability which appears below.
> >
> >
> >I expressly understand and agree that this software is a non-commercially
> >developed program that may contain "bugs" (as that term is used in the
> >industry) and that it may not function as intended. The software is
> > licensed "as is". NSA makes no, and hereby expressly disclaims all,
> > warranties, express, implied, statutory, or otherwise with respect to the
> > software, including noninfringement and the implied warranties of
> > merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
> >
> >
> >In no event will NSA be liable for any damages, including loss of data,
> > lost profits, cost of cover, or other special, incidental, consequential,
> > direct or indirect damages arising from the software or the use thereof,
> > however caused and on any theory of liability. This limitation will apply
> > even if NSA has been advised of the possibility of such damage. I
> > acknowledge that this is a reasonable allocation of risk.

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