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Re: debconf-gnome and locales

Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   When using the Gnome frontend for debconf to configure the latest locales
> upload, I get a list of checkboxes that's about 3 times the height of
> my screen.  I don't know whose fault this is (which is why I'm not filing
> a bug), but it should be fixed, either by having debconf handle this
> sanely in the Gnome frontend, or by not passing such a long list of selections
> to it.

Yeah I know about this problem (I have a 480 pixel high screen..).

This should be fixed in debconf, but I don't know how to do it. Fixing
it right requires getting the gnome wizard widget to add a scrollbar
somehow, so the page of widgets can be scrolled around. If someone who
knows how can help, I'd love to do that.

In the shorter term, there's really no reason for the gnome frontend to
use a series of checkboxes for a multiselect question, when it could
just use a single multi-select list. I can probably figure out how to do
this on my own, and it's already on my TODO list, but again any help
would be appreciated, as I'm not too familiar with gnome or gtk.

see shy jo

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