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Re: How many people need locales?

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 07:55:52PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Very rarely != never. If you put an /etc/locale.gen file which is
> different than the default one before installing locales_2.2, dpkg
> will still prompt about it.

Which will bite a few people running older versions of testing or unstable,
not anyone running stable.
> We are supposed to minimize the number of questions. If we can go from
> "very rarely" to "never", that's already a gain. If we can make every
> Debian user to save five seconds of time and we have one million users,
> that's five million of saved seconds.

A _milllllion_ users? I would be very surprised to find us anywhere near
a million users; I would guess 100,000 at most.

There's a rule in programming about finding what's slow before optimizing.
If you can cut off a half second on dpkg's install/remove time, you'd save
me 600 seconds a year, and the average user probably that five seconds every
year, adding up to much more savings that complaining about this. (And you
forgot to subtract the 1000 people on debian-devel who each wasted a minute
or two on this thread.) Cut a second off of mozilla's load time, and you'll
save millions of users a couple seconds a day. 

Heck, fix something that's frustrating and time-consuming. This just
makes me hit enter, or diff it and hit enter. I much prefer stuff that
makes me hit enter, then stuff that makes me go WTF? 

> I never asked for a debconf interface (I explained in the bug report
> (#110980) a possible way to do it and it would take just a few lines
> of shell scripting). I just asked following policy.

And making it a conffile but not is a huge improvement? 
> What's wrong with following policy when it says configuration files
> for which there is not a default which satifies almost everybody
> should not be managed by the conffile mechanism?
> If the maintainer thinks policy does not need to be followed here, why
> does he not propose a policy change? If policy and interpretation
> differ aren't we supposed to change one of them?

Because it's a very minor deviation from policy. Policy wasn't meant
to be chains; it's meant to be a way for us to build a consistent
well-designed OS. 

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