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feedback on jablicator: package choice sharing tool

Hi all,

I just wrote "jablicator" [1], which is a tool to help novice Debian
administrators leech off of more experienced administrators.
Specifically in the area of picking an appropriate set of packages to
install from Debian's untold thousands. I appreciate any feedback or
suggestions, and particularly technical feedback or comments from
those involved with the infamous "task-*" packages and their

I'm sending this mail to debian-devel because this program actually
creates packages, and from a certain perspective, subdistributions.
This is traditionally the realm of Debian developers, so I want
developer feedback first. Eventually I expect tools like this to
somewhat blur the line between users and developers.

0: General reactions? Would anyone consider using this tool?

1: Does some other Debian package already have this functionality?

2: Any technical hiccups? Am I doing the right thing with the output,
   when creating "dists" and "pool"?

3: What's a better name? "deblicator" and "apt-share" have been
   suggested so far.

4: Do some gurus with well thought out or specialized package
   collections want to share the fruits of their labor by posting
   their jablicator output?


[1] It's in incoming http://incoming.debian.org or maybe already
    in sid by the time you read this. If you try it out, make sure 
    to get version 1.0-3 or later.

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