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Re: Excluding a binary package from Debian archives

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Is Debian really that unpopular on Gibraltar?
> Why not simply include them, so that Debian users in Gibraltar can use it?
Gibraltar is Debian-based, a firewall distribution bootable from CD-ROM.
But installing the gibraltar-bootsupport package on a Debian system that
is installed on a harddisk partition (and not especially prepared for
this) will break things. Therefore the package should not be installable
by Debian users, it will break their system.
> If you really think it serves no purpose at all, then comment the build
> for the gibraltar-specific package out in your debian/rules file.
It serves a purpose, but only for Gibraltar installations. So the
package is needed, it simply should not be included in the Debian
archive, but should only be downloadable from a separate apt source.

best regards,

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