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Re: kswapd eating CPU power ... any ideas why?

On Sun, Sep 09, 2001 at 06:19:01PM +0200, Hugo van der Merwe wrote:

> I'm working on a little project putting Debian on a CD. (Works great so
> far, have X up and running, most likely just a kernel recompile away
> from getting network etc. up too... (using tmpfs for rw directories, and
> some symlinks). A friend is figuring out RedHat... we will publish what
> we've done when we've got it all relatively nicely written out, if
> anyone is interested?)

Have you taken a look at Knoppix? That is a "ready-to-run-CD" based
on Debian, please see http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/ for more
information (page is in German).

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