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Re: isync vs mailsync

On 4 Sep 2001, Brian May wrote:

>  - supports bidirectional transfer of messages.
>  - can delete deleted messages (not tested).

I can confirm this works.

>  - can create and delete folders (not tested).

And this.

>  - could potentially support other services too, such as NNTP (doesn't
>  work, see bug report). However, I imagine the slow down (see cons)
>  would be large, as NNTP groups can be very large.

Thanks to c-client also POP2, POP3, NNTP, and FTP and 'shared' (public)

NNTP failing seems to be a bug in mailsync itself.

>  - upstream author seems to be really anti-maildir, although maildir
>  patches have been included in Debian version.

As Tomas pointed out, it is the c-client author who is anti-maildir.  I've
added a patch for maildirs but currently it is not working perfectly.
Miquel Van Smoorenburg said he was working on a better one.

>  - needs to retrieve the message-id of *every* message, which really
>  slows the process down, especially on slow Internet link and/or if
>  folder has lots of messages.
>  - synchronisation of message flags doesn't work the way I would
>  expect (bug has been reported).

Did you use the verbose option to see which imap commands are being sent?
Depending on that it could either be a c-client or mutt problem.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>

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