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Re: extra feature for debchange

On Sun, Sep 09, 2001 at 08:20:27PM -0400, Brandon L. Griffith wrote:

> * Jason Thomas (jason@topic.com.au) wrote:
> > take a look at apt-listchanges
> aha I knew it, yet another apt-* or dpkg-* utility I haven't heard of. I
> need to keep more up to date on these things, or these utilities need to
> be more well ducumented. Is there a list, anywhere, of all these obscure?
> utilites that I seem to only find when it's too late?

Most of them are easy to find by searching extended descriptions.  An
"apt-cache search changelog" on unstable gives only 11 matches, one of which
is apt-listchanges.

There are currently over 500 Debian-native packages in unstable, and
probably somewhere around 25-50% of these are Debian-specific utilities.  It
might be a useful project to investigate these and create an index of them.

 - mdz

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