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Re: How many people need locales?

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Ari Makela wrote:

> Santiago Vila writes:
>  > For the purposes of determining whether or not "most users need to
>  > change the /etc/locale.gen file" Ben and I need an estimate of the
>  > proportion of Debian users using locales among all Debian users.
> Just about anyone who's not from English speaking countries. For
> example, we Finns need 'åäö' and their capital versions. They just
> don't work if you don't set locales right.  If you take a look at even
> just European languages you can see that most of them cannot be
> written with a-zA-Z. Actually, I think only English can. I'm not sure
> of some of the smaller countries like Belgia, though.

Belgium has three official languages (German, French and Dutch), and they
all need characters out of the a-zA-Z space, like ë, ï, é, ü, ç, and more.

People from the Netherlands speak Dutch, so they need them too.
People from Luxembourg speak French, German or Letzebürge (not too sure
about the spelling of that language), so they need it too.

I'm quite positive that only English doesn't need locales...

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