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ITP (stolen): compilercache -- persistent caching for gcc/g++


there is an 103 days old IPT for a compilercache package (bug #100538).
I asked the submitter whether he is still interested in this,
but got no answer.  So I would like to package this myself.

Description: a caching wrapper around compilers to speed up compilations
 Compilercache is a wrapper around your C and C++ compilers. Each
 time you compile something, the wrapper puts the result of the
 compilation into a cache. And once you compile the same thing again,
 the result will be picked from the cache instead of being recompiled.
 Care is taken to ensure that compilation with and without compilercache
 always results in identical object files.

The original packages may be found at http://www.erikyyy.de/compilercache/.
My preliminary debian packages are at


If there are no objections I will upload them soon.


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