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http://standard.debian.net/ now available

http://standard.debian.net/ is now available showing all bugs in
standard.  8 RC bugs are currently open.  I think gpm needs an NMU,
although I'm not sure.  It would surely be great if someone could look
into #85551 and #110112 (merged) and submit a patch.  The bug in mig
(needed for Hurd only) is not relevant to woody since Hurd is not
being released.  I assume Wichert will make an strace upload soon.

gpm (Zephaniah E. Hull <warp@debian.org>)
    #102031: Format string bugs in gpm-root may offer local root exploit

libgpmg1 (Zephaniah E. Hull <warp@debian.org>)
    #85551: [powerpc] jed segfaults when using gpm library
    #110112: Jed segfaults

    #83111: mig looks for i386-gnu-gcc instead of gcc

strace (Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>)
    #104594: Does not build on s390
    #109815: strace still doesn't built on ia64 - libc6 dep issue
    #109857: strace_4.4-1(unstable): fails to build on mips{,el}
    #109993: strace claims not to support arm architecture

Martin Michlmayr

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