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A language by any other name

  I think English should be an alias for en_US.

  Having the English think that British English is the lingua franca of
  the computing world is the same as the French thinking that French
  is the lingua franca of the world. It's only wishful thinking.

  British English is beautiful where it appears in poems, plays, and
  novels by Shakespeare and Wilde and other brilliant English authors.
  It certainly does NOT belong in the ls man page.

  Note that SAP is one of many computing companies who have
  standardized on American English. They have folks from *Great
  Britain* translating the German into American English.

  Similarly, I wish that Debian required that documentation and output
  appear in American English as well. Inconsistent styles reduces the
  professional feel of the product.

  Therefore, without emotion and with a pragmatic hand to guide me, I
  feel that English should be an alias for en_US.

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