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Re: Intent for NMU of python-2.1 packages

Gregor Hoffleit <gregor@mediasupervision.de> writes:
> How does that sound ?

I think it sounds like an awful lot of work.  I still don't really
understand why we keep python1.5, but presumably there are some good
reasons, and I trust the debian team to have thrashed that out by now.

You mentioned emacs, which made me think about xemacs packaging
system, and wonder how the python packaging system might work for
debian? Probably it doesn't really.

Ideally I only want to install python2.1 (or whatever the latest
greatest is), but if I did find a need for 1.5 then I would like it to
be able to co-exist. It would be nice, if I only have 2.1 installed,
for the packaging system to automagically configure python as an
alternative for python2.

Probably it would be pretty cool if modules could sort out at install
time what version they were to compile for, just like some debian lisp
packages do for different emacsen.


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