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Re: Intent for NMU of python-2.1 packages

* Jérôme Marant <jerome.marant@free.fr> [010904 11:18]:
> Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:
> ...
> > in June (2.1) and July (2.1.1). Gregor (the python-1.5 and python-2.0
> > maintainer) has put experimental packages at
> > http://people.debian.org/~flight/python and was asking for help
> > regarding the packaging (20010801). Jérôme Marant answered (20010803),
> > but since this date nothing happened. I intend to do a NMU of
> > python2.1 based on Gregor's experimental packages that can coexist
> ...
> Do you know what happened to Gregor since 20010801? I periodicaly
> had a look to his page at debian.org but nothing happened since then.
> Did you contact him? Do you have his agreement for the NMU?
> What do you plan to do about the idle package?

I'm still alive, I'm not lost ;-)

I'm just back from a ten day vacation after several weeks of intense
real world work, which will continue until the mid of September.

I'm +2 on uploading the python2.1 packages into unstable. All I wanted
to do was a little bit cosmetic cleanup, and (and that was the stumbling
point due to lack of time), some kind of documentation included in the
packages. Matthias, have you already done some work on these packages ?
Could you forward your modifications to me ?

Also, I'm +1 on uploading the python1.5 packages into unstable.

That means they would replace the existing python-* packages.

And that's the problem where I was stuck.

The dependencies of the current experimental python1.5 packages aren't
good enough to allow an easy upgrade from potato or earlier. AFAICS, I
would have to include empty transitional packages for almost all
python-* packages built from the python source. That's butt ugly IMHO.

Furthermore, it's my current impression that we have to orphan all
python-* packages in order to get a clean upgrade path!

There are many packages with broken dependencies in potato (i.e.
packages that install stuff in /usr/lib/python1.5, but don't have a
versioned dependency on Python 1.5). Therefore, any future python-base
package either has to be compatible with stuff in /usr/lib/python1.5,
or has to list all those broken packages as conflicts. Either is ugly.

Therefore I think we have to get rid of all the problem-ridden package
names, i.e. at least python-base and python-tk, perhaps even python-dev.
I don't see any other solution.

Please provide me with feedback if I should make this radical
transition. I would then go on and upload python1.5 and python2.1
(perhaps even a python2.0 source package to ease the migration). The
existing python (and python2) packages would be removed by this upload
(the packages built from python.orig.tar.gz, that is).

Python package maintainers should then change their packages to build
python1.5-* and python2.1-* packages (python2.0 if needed), and make
them depend on python1.5-base etc. That would remove the need for
versioned dependencies.

At a later point, we could implement a kind of registry like the emacsen
have, so that third-party packages could build only one python-*
package, that registers itself with all existing pythons.

How does that sound ?


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