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Re: Graphing Debian Lists

        Hi again.

On Fri, Sep 21, 2001, Martin Schulze wrote:
[zeropoint or not - that's the question]
> That's not giving us anything.  It doesn't draw a picture of the
> subscribe frequency, nor does it provide a better view of the number
> of subscribers.

 Well, it _does_ draw a picture of subscribe frequency, related to all
the people already subscribed.  If you want a picture of just subscribe
frequency, than make that:  With the zero-point in the middle, and
subscriptions add and unsubscribes substract from there.  A graph for a
statistic is worth nothing if it doesn't have the zero point in it.
First unit statistics lesson.

> In fact, the graphs would be quite flat and uninteresting.  The first

 But it would be a real graph.

> version on murphy had them, since the rrdtool in potato was too old.
> As an example check out these two graphs of debian-announce.
> http://people.debian.org/~joey/stuff/debian-announce-distabs-month.png
> http://people.debian.org/~joey/stuff/debian-announce-distabs-normal-month.png

 These doesn't seem to be the first graphs with the zero in it.  So the
still offer a false view of the state.

 I don't exactly know whom you want to impress with those false graphs
or what you want to be able to see from it - but the current state seems
to miss that, IMHO.

 Just my thoughts, nothing personal, as you should know.  Go on like you
like, personally I see it in this way quite useless.

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