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Re: Graphing Debian Lists


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On Thu, Sep 20, 2001, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Gathering data happens all 30 minutes and I've let it run for a couple
> of days before making this annoncement, so there are some data to
> show.

 It looks strange that it seems that debian-devel-announce seem on the
first look to have had no subscribers before you started.  On the second
look one sees that the bottom of the image is not zero.  Could you
please change it that it has the zero-point in the graph so the graphs
can be looked in a _real_ manner and are not some "hey - look at that
curve!" graphs?   That's the first big lies that any statistic tries to
make, and we shouldn't do that, IMHO.

 Even you might note on the most lists then just flat lines it makes
more sense and doesn't leave the people like "Hey, they just seem to
have started that list, there is a high flow of subscritions in it"...

 Just a thought.  I like the graphs very much.  It's meant constructive,
not destructive.

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