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RE: A language by any other name

>  What's the problem?  German is spoken outside Germany.  That what's
>  spoken outside Germany is not the same as that what's spoken inside
>  Germany, but that what's spoken outside is still called German
>  (officially), as far as I know.  That is to say, de_AT.ISO-8859-1 is as
>  "german" as de_DE.ISO-8859-1.  The same goes for French, Portuguese and
>  Spanish, this being the extreme case since it's spoken in 20+ countries
>  outside Spain but it's still called "Spanish" in all of them (ignore
>  "Castellano", please).  What makes English different?  In fact, after
>  thinking about this, and given what's stored in that file, I'd change
>  my bug to "please alias english to en_UK.ISO-8859-1" (or more
>  appropiately en_UK.ISO-8859-15)

In every app where I was presented the choice I had two -- English(British),
English(American).  We should do the same in the alias file.

Better question is why does gdm expect English there when we don't have it. 
Are other dists or the upstream locale maint making this choice?

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