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Re: How many people need locales?

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Ari Makela wrote:

> Just about anyone who's not from English speaking countries. For
> example, we Finns need 'åäö' and their capital versions. They just
> don't work if you don't set locales right.  If you take a look at even
> just European languages you can see that most of them cannot be
> written with a-zA-Z. Actually, I think only English can. I'm not sure
> of some of the smaller countries like Belgia, though.
Similar for German.  Many German users (including me for the most
cases) use locale.  My wife asked me:  Has yoour stupid Linux no
German browser?  It´s so easy at work and here I have to leran English.
(So, I builded a mozilla-locale-de-at package, see #110513.)
Moreover I try to catch my son with German fortunes.  By the way
Debian-Junior heavily needs locale for all non-English speaking

Kind regards


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