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Re: isdnutils getting into testing is a problem...

Paul Slootman wrote:
> There's a little problem with getting isdnutils into testing...
> Finally, after more than a year after isdnutils was split up into more
> logical parts, it's a valid candidate for installation, without anyone
> filing an RC bug at the last moment. Now I'm wondering why it's not
> going in anyway, and I discover in unstable_probs.html the following:
> - Binaries from isdnutils 1:3.1pre1b-21 cannot be installed:
>   - isdnlog-data(hppa)
>   - isdnlog-data(hurd-i386)
>   - isdnlog-data(m68k)
>   - isdnlog-data(sh)

This doesn't look sane anyway:

Depends: isdnutils(>=1:3.1pre1b-1), isdnlog-data, debconf, libc6 (>= 2.2.3-7)
Recommends: isdnlog-data

(apart from the missing space for the first Depends, but that's not
crucial apparently).

If isdnlog depends on isdnlog-data, does isdnlog-data have to depend
on isdnlog as well?  If not, remove the dependency and you've won.



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