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Debian testing - uninstallable packages

[ I sent this to debian-testing a month ago, but the mailing list       ]
[ doesn't exist anymore - it is not archived at http://list.debian.org/ ]
[ If there is a more appropriate list for this discussion let me know.  ]

The debian FAQ (/usr/share/debian/FAQ) says the following:

: Packages are installed into the `testing' directory after they have undergone
: some degree of testing in unstable.  They must be in sync on all architectures
: where they have been built and mustn't have dependencies that make them
: uninstallable; they also have to have fewer release-critical bugs than the
: versions currently in testing.  This way, we hope that `testing' is always
: close to being a release candidate.

I have seen a problem with two packages that I wanted to install from
testing not being installable.  These were gnumeric and gnucash, so I
raised bug reports about them - currently unanswered.

I realise that there may be other packages that are also
uninstallable, so I wrote a script that parses /var/lib/dpkg/available
and lists those packages that have unmet dependencies, recommendations
or suggestions for packages that are not available.  The script only
checks the package names, not the version numbers, so they may be more

The list below was compiled from the current status of debian testing
as found in the following sources.list today.

-------------------- sources.list --------------------
deb http://www.uk.debian.org/debian woody main
deb http://www.uk.debian.org/debian woody contrib
deb http://www.uk.debian.org/debian woody non-free
deb http://www.uk.debian.org/debian woody non-US/main
deb http://www.uk.debian.org/debian woody non-US/contrib
deb http://www.uk.debian.org/debian woody non-US/non-free
-------------------- sources.list --------------------

Package                          Relation    Dependency (not available)
-------                          --------    --------------------------

glcpu                            depends on  libcommonc++1

gnucash                          depends on  libguile9
gnucash                          depends on  guile1.4
gnucash                          depends on  guile1.4-slib
gnucash                          depends on  libgwrapguile0

gnumeric                         depends on  libgal4

mozilla                          depends on  mozilla-browser
mozilla                          depends on  mozilla-mailnews

roxen-ssl                        depends on  pike-crypto

sphinx2-bin                      depends on  sphinx2-hmm-6k

Package                          Relation    Recommendation (not available)
-------                          --------    ------------------------------

alamin-server                    recommends  gnokii

bibletime                        recommends  sword-dict
bibletime                        recommends  sword-comm

cdrecord                         recommends  mkisofs

cjk-latex                        recommends  freetype1-tools

guile1.4-doc                     recommends  guile1.4

ibcs-source-2.0                  recommends  kernel-source-2.0.36 | kernel-source-2.0.38

kernel-patch-2.4.0-ia64          recommends  kernel-source-2.4.0

kernel-patch-2.4.1-ia64          recommends  kernel-source-2.4.1

kernel-patch-2.4.3-arm           recommends  kernel-source-2.4.3

kernel-patch-2.4.4-ia64          recommends  kernel-source-2.4.4

kernel-patch-2.4.5-ia64          recommends  kernel-source-2.4.5

kernel-patch-2.4.5-s390          recommends  kernel-source-2.4.5

mozilla                          recommends  mozilla-psm

pipsecd                          recommends  userlink

quickppp                         recommends  pppd

tpctl                            recommends  tpctl-modules

unp                              recommends  unace

webmin-ssl                       recommends  webmin-core

zope-pagetemplates               recommends  zope-parsedxml

Package                          Relation    Suggestion (not available)
-------                          --------    --------------------------

alsa-base                        suggests    alsadriver

alsa-utils                       suggests    alsadriver

alsa-utils-0.4                   suggests    alsadriver

alsa-utils-0.5                   suggests    alsadriver

ant                              suggests    jmf

aolserver                        suggests    aolserver-postgres
aolserver                        suggests    openacs

atool                            suggests    bzip

cbedic                           suggests    kbedic

cdrtoaster                       suggests    mkisofs

cpuburn                          suggests    kernel-patch-badram

crafty                           suggests    craftywatcher

cupsys-client                    suggests    kdelibs3-cups

cvsbook                          suggests    cvs-doc

cxterm-gb                        suggests    intlfonts-chinese

cxterm-jis                       suggests    intlfonts-japanese

dhelp                            suggests    glimpse

dstooltk                         suggests    dstool-doc
dstooltk                         suggests    dstool

e2ps                             suggests    easypr

emacs-dl-wnn                     suggests    wnn

emacspeak-ss                     suggests    dtlk

exmh                             suggests    glimpse

fidogate                         suggests    ifcico-cm

freewrl                          suggests    xswallow

ftape-util                       suggests    ftape-module

funnelweb                        suggests    task-devel-common

fweb                             suggests    ratfor77

gap4-doc-dvi                     suggests    gap4

gap4-doc-html                    suggests    gap4

gap4-doc-ps                      suggests    gap4

gcc-2.95                         suggests    task-devel-common

glide2-bin                       suggests    device3dfx-module

gnats                            suggests    gnats-tk
gnats                            suggests    gnatsweb

gnats-user                       suggests    gnatsweb

gnome-help                       suggests    gnome-users-guide-en

gnustep-make                     suggests    gnustep-base

gobjc-2.95                       suggests    task-objc-devel

gobjc-3.0                        suggests    task-objc-devel

gqview                           suggests    xv

harden-tools                     suggests    lids

honyaku-el                       suggests    honyakudamashii-server

hylafax-client                   suggests    mgetty-viewfax

hylafax-server                   suggests    mgetty

iconc                            suggests    icon-ipl

icont                            suggests    icon-ipl

isdnutils                        suggests    mgetty
isdnutils                        suggests    isdnbutton

juke                             suggests    psgplay

junior-*                         suggests    task-junior

kde-i18n-*                       suggests    task-kde

kdelibs3                         suggests    anti-aliasing-howto

kdevelop                         suggests    sgmltools
kdevelop                         suggests    glimpse

kernel-doc-2.2.13                suggests    kernel-image-2.2.13

kernel-image-2.2.19-udma100-ext3 suggests    kernel-doc-2.2.19-udma100-ext3

kernel-patch-2.2.18-openwall     suggests    kernel-source-2.2.18

kernel-patch-2.4.0-reiserfs      suggests    kernel-source-2.4.0

kernel-patch-int                 suggests    kernel-source-2.2.15

kernel-patch-xfs-core            suggests    kernel-source-2.4.5

kernel-source-2.2.19             suggests    task-tcltk-dev

kernel-source-2.4.7              suggests    task-tcltk-dev

kernel-source-2.4.8              suggests    task-tcltk-dev

kernel-source-2.4.9              suggests    task-tcltk-dev

kmail                            suggests    kmailplugin

lib-rxtx-java                    suggests    jdk-common

libasound0.4                     suggests    alsadriver

libasound1                       suggests    alsadriver

libasound2                       suggests    alsadriver

libcdk-dev                       suggests    libcdk-example

libcommons-java                  suggests    jakarta-commons-doc

libecasound7                     suggests    mp3-encoder

libglide2                        suggests    device3dfx-module

libglide3                        suggests    device3dfx-module

libhonyaku-damashii-ruby         suggests    honyaku-damashii-server

libmagick5-dev                   suggests    freetype6-dev

libnet-ldap-perl                 suggests    libnet-socketssl-perl

libqt2                           suggests    anti-aliasing-howto

librx1-altdev                    suggests    rx1g-dev

libssrp-dev                      suggests    netkit-rpc

libvdk1-dev                      suggests    doxygen

lm-sensors                       suggests    i2c
lm-sensors                       suggests    lm-sensors-mod

lxr                              suggests    glimpse

memtest86                        suggests    memtest
memtest86                        suggests    kernel-patch-badram

mozilla                          suggests    mozilla-xmlterm
mozilla                          suggests    mozilla-chatzilla

mule2-canna-wnn                  suggests    wnn

mule2-wnn                        suggests    wnn

netbase                          suggests    netkit-rpc

netscape-base-4                  suggests    plugger

ocaml-tools                      suggests    emacs

opalmod                          suggests    oamg

openacs-doc                      suggests    openacs

pgp4pine                         suggests    pine | pine396-src

povray                           suggests    povray-manual

python2-imaging-tk               suggests    python2-imaging-doc

python2-numeric-tutorial         suggests    python2-imaging-doc

remind                           suggests    tcl

sgml-data                        suggests    osp

slapd                            suggests    openldap-guide

spamfilter                       suggests    spamdb

speak-freely                     suggests    xv

starplot                         suggests    starplot-data

swig1.3                          suggests    swig1.3-doc

tramp                            suggests    mimencode

user-de                          suggests    task-german

vreng                            suggests    wbd

xftp                             suggests    archie

zmailer                          suggests    mail-user-agent

Andrew M. Bishop                             amb@gedanken.demon.co.uk

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