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Re: funny idle time from time

On Thu, 6 Sep 2001 08:42, Brian May wrote:
> and I don't think you can really say that this is a slow computer either:

400MHz CPU, 10/15G disks, by today's standards that is rather slow.  Compare 
it to an Athlon 1.2G with 46G drives...

> So I can only conclude that something is very odd with this computer, but I
> don't know what.

One issue is that IO isn't prioritised/scheduled unlike CPU use.  This means 
that a process that schedules a lot of IO (EG doing a find / when atime is 
enabled) can cause large amounts of disk IO to be queued which kills 
interactive performance.

Maybe some of the options under /proc/sys/vm will let you tune this...

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