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Re: default font resolution in X Windows

Matthias Berse <matthias.berse@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> wrote:
>>  You should be aware that, by default, xinit (and thus startx) starts the X
>>  server using the "-dpi 100" argument, which forces the X server to treat
>>  the display as having 100 dots per inch.
> So why has this change made? Sorry if that's an faq. Maybe the answer
> should be included in the note.

I just wanted to start arguing that 100dpi matched the real
resolution usually better than 75dpi, but it is the other way round.

15''CRT (~14'' viewable) : 10.866''x8.15''
         @800x600 73.6 dpi. Imho unusable 1024*786 94.2dpi.
19''CRT: viewable size 36.5cm*27.4cm=14.37''*10.787''
         @1024*786 71.3 dpi, 1152*864 80.2 dpi, 1280*960 89 dpi,
         1600*1200 111 dpi.
15''TFT: 12''*9''
         1024*786 85.3 dpi
            cu andreas
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