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Intent for NMU of python-2.1 packages

As David Maslen pointed out in
Debian doesn't have yet python-2.1 in it's distro, although released
in June (2.1) and July (2.1.1). Gregor (the python-1.5 and python-2.0
maintainer) has put experimental packages at
http://people.debian.org/~flight/python and was asking for help
regarding the packaging (20010801). Jérôme Marant answered (20010803),
but since this date nothing happened. I intend to do a NMU of
python2.1 based on Gregor's experimental packages that can coexist
with python1.5 and python2.0. I hope that these packages will find its
way to the woody dist and allow the upload of python-2.1 dependent
packages to woody. I will do this upload next weekend.


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