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ideas about how to package something

Sorry for the vague Subject:
I maintain a package for OpenVerse http://www.openverse.org
as well I am one of the upstream contributors.
Anyhow, we have a slew of plugins available for OpenVerse. Some are as simple
as executing system commands from the chat window and some are as large as the
program itself, well almost. I'm wanting to package all of these up and was
wanting some input from other ppl on it.
Should I package each plugin seperately or make one large
openverse-plugins.deb? I can see pros and cons of each method, such as the
"dict" plugin requiring the dict program which in turn has its dependencies
and such. If I made one large deb then it would have alot of dependencies. But
if I made several small ones then there would be no problem there, except that
the entire deb for some of the smaller ones would be just a few kb in size.
Could someone else out there give me their opinion on this?

     : :' :        Brandon L. Griffith  <brandon@debian.org>
     `. `'         http://people.debian.org/~brandon/
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