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Re: ideas about how to package something

On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 10:50:56PM -0400, Brandon L. Griffith wrote:
> Should I package each plugin seperately or make one large
> openverse-plugins.deb? I can see pros and cons of each method, such as the
> "dict" plugin requiring the dict program which in turn has its dependencies
> and such. If I made one large deb then it would have alot of dependencies. But
> if I made several small ones then there would be no problem there, except that
> the entire deb for some of the smaller ones would be just a few kb in size.
> Could someone else out there give me their opinion on this?
> thanks


As you already know, I'm quite new to Debian ;-) but here's my opinion 
from what I've learned/seen here. I'll try to group plugins by 
requirements (ie. all those needing "dict" in a openverse-dict-plugins).
That way you could have the simplest plugins in openverse-base-plugins
(or maybe a better name than 'base') and those requiring more
dependencies in separate packages.

Just my .02 Euro

Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (Patrick Henry)

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