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Re: default font resolution in X Windows

On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 12:06:50PM +0200, Matthias Berse wrote:
> I'd like to know, how I could accomplish that X Screen font res. will
> not default to 100dpi. I would like to see a debconf question wether I
> want 75dpi or 100dpi since I see no point using 100dpi unless your
> resolution is at least 1280x1600 which most users won't have.

db_input medium xbase-clients/default_100dpi || true

Template: xbase-clients/default_100dpi
Type: note
Description: xinit starts the X server using 100 dpi.
 You should be aware that, by default, xinit (and thus startx) starts the X
 server using the "-dpi 100" argument, which forces the X server to treat
 the display as having 100 dots per inch.  This particularly affects the
 visible font size.  Another common default is 75 dpi; some font
 rasterizers do not deal well with dpi settings other than 75 or 100.
 The "-dpi 100" setting can be changed or removed by editing

              cu andreas

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