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Re: http://standard.debian.net/ now available

On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 01:58:37PM +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> http://standard.debian.net/ is now available showing all bugs in
> standard.  8 RC bugs are currently open.  

"Standard" for the purpose of the freeze also includes all packages
included in tasks. Roughly http://ftp-master.debian.org/~ajt/stddscs.txt.

The following should be roughly accurate:

  abiword 108986 open serious
  abiword 109580 open grave
  anacron 97969 open serious
  cxterm 110380 open serious
  cxterm 94631 open serious
  fetchmail 98388 forwarded grave
  gimp 109786 open serious
  gnuplot 100541 open serious
  gnuplot 100612 open grave
  gpm 102031 open grave patch security
  gpm 110112 open serious
  gpm 85551 open serious
  gs 107437 open serious
  kdeutils 110707 open serious
  libtool 106943 open serious sid
  libtool 107997 open serious sid
  libtool 109203 open serious
  libtool 109883 open serious
  libtool 66135 open serious
  mc 103102 open serious
  mc 108375 open grave
  mc 108375 open grave
  mc 111142 open grave
  menu 110251 open grave
  menu 110593 open grave woody
  mig 83111 open grave
  mozilla 101931 open serious
  mozilla 107002 forwarded grave security
  mozilla 107605 open grave sid
  mozilla 108456 open serious
  mozilla 108946 open grave sid
  mozilla 109139 open serious
  mozilla 109650 open serious
  mozilla 110551 open serious
  openssh 77361 open critical potato
  pdl 104630 open serious
  pdl 110577 open grave sid
  pdl 94002 open serious
  pdl 95423 open serious
  python-ldap 76717 open serious
  samba 102226 open grave potato
  samba 94380 open grave potato
  samba 95015 open grave potato
  strace 104594 open serious patch
  strace 109815 open serious patch
  strace 109857 open serious
  strace 109993 open serious
  swig 108039 open serious
  tetex-base 111284 open serious
  tetex-base 111289 open serious
  wvdial 97298 open serious
  xfonts-biznet-iso-8859-2 108911 open grave


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