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Excluding a binary package from Debian archives

Hi all

Please CC me in replies, I am currently not subscribed to -devel.

I am the maintainer of the mkinitrd-cd package and have made many
improvements since the last release so, I would like to update it. But
because of a restructuring of the package, the source package has been
renamed from mkinitrd-cd to gibraltar-bootcd and generates the binary
packages mkinitrd-cd and gibraltar-bootsupport. But only the package
mkinitrd-cd is interesting for Debian users / developers, the
gibraltar-bootsupport package is very Gibraltar specific and has no use
What should I do when I upload the package so that the old source
package gets removed from the archive and the gibraltar-bootsupport
package gets excluded from the upload and from the automatic build on
Debian machines. The packages are created from the same source package
because they share a lot of common code, so I do not want to create
different source packages.

best regards,

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