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ECN: Why just on/off? can one mangle that per iptables?


I have some thoughts about the ECN bit:

Why is it on per default when compiled in?

  Normaly I would expect it to be off unless activated in proc, like
  ip_forward or syn-cookie or lots of other stuff.

Why can one only turn it on/off?

  I want it on normaly, but not for a few hosts or routes. Why can't I
  enable it to eth0 but not for eth1?

Is there a way to mangle that bit (on or off) with iptables?

  I would realy love that feature. I have one site which doesn't work
  with ECN so I have to disable it. Why not catch all connects to that
  site and disbale the ECN bit upon connect per ipchains?

  I would like a package that comes with a blacklist of NON-ECN hosts
  and disables those per ipchain with regular updates.

May the Source be with you.

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