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Re: funny idle time from time

On Sat, 1 Sep 2001, Craig Sanders wrote:

> > So while I would expect some slow down, this seemed excessive (X
> > windows took ages to update, etc). Mozilla and X were the only other
> > programs "running" (if you discount the idle system daemons).
> >
> > I have /home NFS mounted, but would assume that this couldn't be a
> > problem...?
> nfs isn't noted for being fast.

I agree with most of what you say, but not with this. You can say a lot
about NFS, including that it's bad, insecure, to be thrown away and
changed by CODA or sth else, but not that it's slow.

I've seen data transfers of ~800KByte/s via NFS. Over my 10MBit coax
network. From a Pentium 166 to a Pentium 133. I don't know any other
network file serving protocol that can do this.

However, it's certainly slower than accessing files from harddisk right
away, but that's something else...

> if you have a cron/anacron process which is scanning /home (e.g.
> locate's updatedb or tripwire or sxid) then it's going to take ages.
> mozilla saves a lot of stuff to directories underneath $HOME - e.g.
> cached pages/files.

Plus, mozilla is dog slow on any processor < 400Mhz.

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