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Re: Issue with Bug#112121: procmail-lib: Recipes belong in /usr/share, not /usr/lib

On 13-Sep-01, 18:37 (CDT), Edward Betts <edward@debian.org> wrote: 
> Debconf question: do you want a symlink.

Please, no. The fact that debconf provides an easy, consistent way to
interact with the user does not mean that every possible choice that
a package makes needs to ask the user. If I wanted to make all the
choices, I'll build from source :-). Either put in the symlink, or
don't, but don't bug me about it.

If you want to put in the symlink, but allow the admin to remove it
permanently, do this:

1. If a new install, don't add symlink (no installed base).

2. If upgrading from a version that had /usr/lib/procmail-lib, put in

3. If upgrading from a (newer) version that did not have /usr/lib/procmail-lib,
don't do anything (neither add nor remove symlink).

This is easy by looking at the arguments to the postinst and using 'dpkg

One of the reasons for debconf was to allow for non-interactive
installs, but we seem to be going in the wrong direction sometimes.


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